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Sell Your Ideas With Confidence

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Sell Your Ideas With Confidence

Brian Keenan
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Everyone has good ideas but few present them with the conviction and clarity they deserve. 

This course provides a solid foundation to improve the writing, delivery and audience impact of brief presentations. It is designed to be:


A balanced mix of best-practice instruction and hands-on exercises honed over six years of presentation coaching. 


The course is designed as a step-by-step guide for writing and delivering a real-life presentation. 


Confidence-boosting tips and tricks relevant to presenters across all experience levels, from first-timers to CEOs. 


Six Part Video Series (3-5 minutes each)

  • Presentation Purpose and Goals 
  • Clarifying and Simplifying Your Idea
  • Writing An Engaging Narrative
  • Presentation as Performance Part 1: Vocal Delivery
  • Presentation as Performance Part 2: Body Language, Eye Contact
  • Comfort Zone: Rehearsal, Worst Case Scenarios, Fielding Q&A

Personal Presentation Review

Within one month of purchase, receive personal constructive feedback on the presentation created in conjunction with the course. You can either send a presentation file for feedback on narrative/ clarity, or video file for feedback on delivery (vocal and body language).

Take Home Tips, Worksheets and Charts

Helpful worksheets for your current and future presentations:

  • Top Ten Tips To Boost Confidence 
  • Story Narrative Worksheet
  • Body Language And Eye Contact Infographic
  • Day Of Presentation Comfort Zone Checklist

Follow-Up "Office Hours"

Within three months of purchase, contact the course author once by email, phone or Skype (30 min max.) for presentation advice or additional feedback/ critique. 

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Available on March 23, 2015 at 5:00 PM

Receive the complete set of course materials valued individually at $250:

Six Part Video Series
Personal Presentation Review
Take Home Materials
"Office Hours"
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